This is a defensive shooting class.  You will learn to safely draw and present your pistol for effective shots on target.  It also covers reloads, both tactical and emergency.  There will be basic movement drills in this class.  Some of the drills will be timed to meet a standard.  It also emphasizes the fundamentals of shooting and drills those pillars to build your skills from a firm foundation.  You will need 2-3 magazines, a good holster, gunbelt, eye and ear protection, 100 rounds of factory loaded ammo and appropriate clothing for the weather.  This class is conducred on an outdoor range so factor in the weather.  Safety is priority #1 and we will enforce the safe gun handling rules.

Defensive Pistol 1

  • All class spots are non refundable.

  • The Raymond Walker Pistol Range 2282 Woodburn Hay Road Hopkinsville KY.  8:30am-1:30pm