Alpha Eagle Firearms Instruction was formed out of a passion to promote, educate and share a 30 year passion for firearms, the shooting sports, self reliance and preparedness.  We want to come along side those people who take possessing and carry a firearm seriously and assist with quality, practical training that will progress their journey.  We believe that in a crisis situation you will fall back to your lowest level of training and preparedness.

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Ken Brand
Chief Instructor

Ken and his wife Susan along with their 2 daughters moved to Clarksville TN in December of 2013 from Kingwood TX.  He was born and raised a few hours up the road from Clarksville in Louisville KY and has enjoyed shooting and the outdoors from a very young age.  He is a certified NRA Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer.  He is licensed through the TN Dept. of Homeland Security as Handgun Instructor, Ken has been carrying a firearm and competing in the shooting sports for over 30 years.  He also is an instructor for the C.R.A.S.E. (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event) program and provides this training to churches, civic and corporate clients for free.  He also holds certifications from the Texas A&M Extension Services Program in Disaster Recovery Awareness, Information Security, Firearms Basics and Risk Management for After School and Interscholastic Athletics Programs. He also serves his church as an active member of their safety team.

"If I can share my experience with 1 person and it helps them be a better protector of themselves and family then I have accomplished my goal as an instructor"