Intro to Firearms (NRA)

This class covers anyone who is new to firearms or shooting.  It covers firearms safety, types of firearms, cleaning supplies, safety equipment and much more.

$25.00 (2 hrs.)

Pistol 1

In this class we cover the next steps once you have your handgun permit.  It covers firearms safety, defensive ammo selection, Every Day Carry items, holster selection, drawing from concealment, flash sight alignment and mindset.  You will need 100 rounds of ammo, holster, strong carry belt, eye and ear protection.

$60.00 (4 hrs.)

Dates: Nov 8th,Dec 6th

Pistol 2

This is a more advanced course.  It covers firearms safety, magazine changes, cover vs. concealment, civilian force continuum and more.  The majority of the time is range time performing timed drills. You will need 2 magazines, semi auto pistol, holster/belt suitable for everyday carry, 150 rounds of ammo, eye and ear protection.

$60.00 (4 hrs.)

Dates: Oct 18th,Nov 29th, Dec 12th

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

This is an NRA sanctioned class that covers the basics of shooting a pistol.  It includes firearms safety, shooting fundamentals, cleaning your firearm and a lot more.  You will need to pass an exam and shooting qualification in order to obtain the NRA certificate. You will need a pistol, cleaning kit, 75 rounds of ammo, eye and ear protection.

$70.00 (6-8 hrs.)

Dates: Nov 14th

Private Instruction

We can create a training plan for your shooting needs and goals.  Private 1:1 training can give you the edge you need to advance your training goals.  The initial meeting will take approx. 2 hours to assess your skill level and script out your training.  The training blocks are sold in 90 min increments and the more slots you purchase the bigger value.

1 unit $65.00 (90 mins)

2-5 units $50

5+units $45

*prices include range fees

If you would like to see the availability of these courses please visit our booking page by hitting the button below.

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