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SAFE and PRACTICAL Firearms Instruction



We offer classes for all levels of shooter from beginner to advanced.  All classes are grounded in safe and efficient use of your firearm.


Are you new to firearms and do not want to sit through a 4 or 8 hour class but need the knowledge to use your firearm safely and efficiently?  Private instruction begins in 90 minute units and we can customize a training plan to accomplish your goals from self defense to advanced shooting techniques.



We also offer shooting clinics and workshops that usually last about 2 hours in length.  Most of the time is spent on the range shooting and drilling.  These can cover things like shooting from your off hand, shooting from cover and much more.  These events are focused on training a singular skill.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple, to provide SAFE and PRACTICAL firearms and self defense instruction to our community.  We want to facilitate a culture where all law abiding AMERICANS are encouraged to participate in the shooting sports and feel welcome regardless of their skill level or goals.  

We believe that our forefathers crafted the Constitution of the United States and wrote the 2nd Amendment with the future in mind.  It was their intent to provide a means for ALL LAW ABIDING AMERICANS to protect themselves.  It is the right of ALL LAW ABIDING AMERICANS to own and safely use firearms.  We exist to aid in the exercise of that fundamental right.


Alpha Eagle Firearms Instruction


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